I ADORE New York! The people, the shows, the vibrancy…all of it. This year, the Romance Writers of America, returned to the Big Apple, and the week was amazing–exhausting, but amazing. Workshops, networking, fabulous food, and endless glasses of wine later, I am super pumped to get this first book out.

True to my nature, and the nature of my entire family, my approach to my self publishing journey is a bit backwards. While I have followed some of the rules 😉 I have challenged others. After all, isn’t that what being an indie author is about? Forging new paths?

It was so thrilling to make so many new connections, reinforcing established ones, and putting my best foot forward…..even while wearing a dress 🙂 Next year, I take on San Diego!



Fear is such a small word, but it has the power to shake the most strongest of foundations. Fear has kept me from doing a lot of things in my life. But not this. Though it held me down for a long time, I’m learning to beat it. August 23rd, my sister’s birthday, I will face fear head on……and I’m going to win 🙂