Keeping Up

Kids at school, kids at home, work, social engagemts, down time, pet time, life time…..we’re all juggling it. Some are just better at it then others. Some days I make myself sit, and focus on breathing. Now, that may sound ‘yoga-ish’ but, it’s not. I literally find the least hectic part of my house, and just sit. These days, it’s in the bathtub…..dry of course, cause who has time to indulge in a bubble bath? 

Keeping up these days seems to be like an instalment in the Hunger Games franchise, or an episode of Game of Thrones. We beat ourselves up trying to be everything to everyone. Not possible. I don’t care how many Pinterest boards you have saying otherwise.

I find it very difficult to stay still. I have to be doing something. I get it from my inexhaustible Irish mother. But, of I can find time to be still, even in a dry bathtub, I think you can too! 


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